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Long haul trucking


  • What is the purpose of ELDT?
    Entry-level driver training standards were established under FMCSA’s Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations. This is relevant to people looking to: Obtain, for the first time, a Class A or Class B CDL; Upgrade to a Class A CDL from an existing Class B CDL; or Obtain, for the first time, a school bus (S), passenger (P), or hazardous materials (H) endorsement. People who received a CDL or an S, P, or H endorsement before February 7, 2022, are exempt from the requirement to finish training for the relevant CDL or endorsement because the ELDT regulations are not retroactive. The ELDT criteria do not apply to an applicant who received a CLP before February 7, 2022, and receives a CDL before the original or renewed CLP expires.
  • What is the difference between Class A and B?
    Class A permits you to drive a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 lbs or more or with a total weight of both trailer and truck. A trailer weighing 10,000 pounds or more can also be pulled. Generally, these are: Tractor-trailer buses Flatbeds Tractor-trailers (18-wheelers) Tankers Truck and trailer combos (doubles as well as triples) Majority of Class B and C trucks You can drive a car that has a total GVWR weight of 26,001 lbs or less under Class B. A trailer weighing 10,000 pounds or less can also be pulled. Typically, these are: School buses Public buses Box Trucks Straight trucks Dump Trucks And most class C vehicles
  • What is ELDT theory?
    Basic Operation, Advanced Operating Practices, Non-Driving Activities, Ve- hicle Systems, Reporting Malfunctions, and Safe Operating Procedures are the five subject areas that must be covered in a regular curriculum accord- ing to the ELDT guideline. There isn’t a set minimum for training hours. Still, the instructor should cover all subjects specified under each field of study. The driver-trainee is then evaluated to ascertain their skill level. On the theoretical test, driver-trainees should receive a minimum overall score of 80%.
  • How long does studying ELDT theory take?
    Although the instructor should cover every subject in the curriculum, there isn’t a minimum amount of instruction time needed for theory training. To ascertain if students have mastered all of the theory curriculum’s units, training providers should conduct assessments (in writing or electronic form). Students must receive a minimum overall score of 80% on the theoretical test. You can move at your own speed and comfort with our courses. You can resume wherever you left off because your work will be stored. You can receive your ELDT Certificate in as little as two days with the assistance of our experts.
  • Do I need to get my ELDT in my state in order to become eligible to drive in that state?
    No matter where they are, drivers can receive training from any source listed on the Training Provider Registry. All states’ drivers regularly take our online courses.
  • Is the student Required to Finish the Theory and Behind the Wheel (BTW) Portions of the Mandate from the Same Provider?
    No, a student can use other providers to fulfill the BTW and theory components. However, a student will need to start over if they choose to enroll in a different provider or institution during either the BTW or theoretical portions of the course.
  • Does FMCSA Recognize and Accept the Theory Portion of the Mandate to Be Completed Online?
    Yes, the FMCSA recognizes theory training that is finished online, in a classroom, or with a combination of both. We at Leonardo CDL provide ELDT Certificate after completion of ELDT course online.
  • Do I have to speak English to get an ELDT Certificate?
    It is not necessary to speak English. In fact, our professional team can assist students who are not able to speak English at all.
  • Does Leonardo CDL school provide training materials?
    Yes, our school has its own materials as well as a very different and unique learning system that helps in learning theory quickly.
  • Do I need to do anything once I finish the online ELDT course?
    Yes. Only the theory portion of the online course complies with the federal ELDT criteria. For your permit, you will still be required to take the written exam at the DMV. You must complete behind-the-wheel training with a recognized provider after receiving your permit.
  • Will this course be accepted at my state’s DMV?
    Results are instantly submitted to the Training Provider Registry, and this course satisfies the Federal ELDT Theory standards. The outcomes from this course should be accepted by all states since they may verify your accomplishment via the Training Provider Registry.
  • Do I need endorsements on my CDL?
    Depending on the sector you wish to work in. While some sectors don’t require endorsements, some do. Making contact with potential employers is an excellent approach to finding out whether or not you require any endorsements.
  • How can I register for your online ELDT course?
    The process of signing up is quick and easy. A member of our team will be assigned to you to assist you. The day after registering, you can start the course. No lines and no classrooms.
  • When can I start the ELDT course online?
    The day following your registration. Any device, anywhere, at any time, can be used to access the course. We monitor your entire progress. All you need to do is sign in and finish the course’s sections whenever it works for you.
  • What is included in the payment for your online ELDT course?
    You get access to the theory part. This is further divided into different chapters. Quizzes Assistance from our qualified instructors. Our own strategy and methods to learn material fast. ELDT Training test. Get your ELDT Certification Online. Simply register, make the payment on our official website, and begin the course right away.
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