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Twenty-three years ago, when we had just opened our school, we met a lot of unhappy people because they tried to obtain a CDL license many times but miserably failed. We told them – this was not their fault. They just did not encounter the right teacher. In our school, we say – there are no bad students, but only bad teachers! If the student fails – we blame the teacher, not the student!

We enrolled these unhappy people in our school – and a miracle happened: in 7-10 days they passed General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination vehicles computer tests and got their cherished CDL class A Permits. But soon they became sad again – because the Pre-Trip inspection test was another huge hurdle for them. And they thought -it is impossible to pass. And again, our teachers proved them wrong – a miracle happened again – they successfully passed the Pre-Trip inspection test.

One time in a DMV office, we ran into an American man who complained: “I am 47 years old; I was born in this country, and I failed CDL computer tests ten times; but those guys, who don’t even speak good English, passed tests right away! How come?”

We promised that man that we teach him absolutely FREE, and he will pass those stubborn CDL tests. And he did! Just in 10 days! We cannot describe how happy he was. It was another miracle!


And 23 years, our school has created such miracles every single day!

If you ask me 

how to define our school with one word

I would say



Because people who attend our school know they will successfully finish and 100% guarantee get CDL license.
CDL driver is the best profession in the USA! CDL driver spent 20 times less money for tuition than an average accountant; and receives THE SAME OR
Please don’t waste time – enroll in our ELDT Certificate Program today and fulfill your American dream as soon as possible!

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